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New Cubbies Range

I have loaded up the new range of Cubbies for you to order from, at a new special price too! I now can offer you penguins and reindeers (both asked after in the past) as well as cute monsters and bugs!

I will be loading the last of the old range that we have left in the Sales category for you to order from, and we have loaded examples of previous work so you can see what can be achieved. Images of the newer Cubbies have an example design superimposed to show you what we offer.

If you have never ordered or gifted a personalised Cubby, let me tell you about them. A keepsake of a moment in time, a first birthday or Christmas, a thank you gift for a bridesmaid or pageboy, Cubbies keep those memory snapshots intact in time for the recipient.

Giving a gift ­čÄü that shows you care and have thought about it, they will smile whenever they look at their Cubby.

Each Cubby comes with CE certification, so you know they are safe for children. Cubbies can be hand washed. They have a removable body stuffing pod to allow you to use the Cubby as a pyjama case if you wish.

Sometimes we get a rush on a design, but we will give you a lead time upon receipt of your order, so you know how long it will take to dispatch. We usually say 5 days, but sometimes it may be longer, so do give yourself time for us to ensure we can meet your deadline.

Spread the love; order yours today! ­čĺĽ